2014 STEM Summit

DES BoothYesterday Dagostino Electronic Services exhibited at the 2014 STEM Summit at the Carnegie Science Center.  We met with a lot of educators and innovators who are all trying to increase technology in schools.  This year’s STEM Summit was designed to allow educators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and innovators of all types to come together and learn about real solutions to enhance teacher professional development, encourage student engagement, and provide learning opportunities in traditional and non-traditional environments.  There were 14 presentations, each lasting no more than seven minutes.  This allowed the audience to have a diverse learning experience with as much information as possible.

DES sells and installs multimedia technologies associated with digital learning and cyber applications.  We do everything from video conferencing to digital whiteboards to streaming and store and capture technologies and more.

In security, we have the latest technologies to keep students and staff safe including door access control systems and IP cameras.

For all of those technologies you have to have a strong network infrastructure- which our staff can design, install, and maintain.

Contact us for more information on our secure and innovative technology! Call 412-531-4240 or email us at sales@descomm.com or visit us at www.descomm.com.

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