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New IP Access Control System: A Customer’s Perspective

Network Access Control Technology

In our last post, we highlighted some of the high-level benefits an Access Control system offered to an organization.  But let’s be honest, what really matters is what a customer’s experience is like using the technology on a day to day basis.

Just the past couple of years, our country has witnessed an unusually high amount of public tragedies.  Upgrading Security has been top of mind for many industries across the country. Especially for organizations who, like a health clinic, have thousands of different faces in an out of their building on a regular basis on any given workday.

What organizations are looking for today is peace of mind.  Their responsibilities are already enough to think about for 40-hours a week.  Employers and employees can’t afford to spend their day looking over their shoulder for any potential threats.  With a technology solution like an IP Access Control system, they won’t have to worry.

Axis Communications does a nice job highlighting how a customer feels while working in an organization that has high security needs, but is prepared with a top-of-the-line networked access control system.

Enjoy the video.

About Axis Communications

As the market leader in network video, Axis is leading the way to a smarter, safer, more secure world – driving the shift from analog to digital video surveillance. Offering network video solutions for professional instal- lations, Axis’ products and solutions are based on an innovative, open technology platform.

Axis has more than 1,400 dedicated employees in 40 locations around the world and cooperates with partners covering 179 countries. Founded in 1984, Axis is a Sweden-based IT company listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm under the ticker AXIS. For more information about Axis, please visit our website



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