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Butler County Community College Cabling Project–Two more Video Testimonials

This is a little uncharacteristic for us at Technology At Work! to have multiple updates on one day.  See the thing is, going out and listening to the stories from our customers gets us REALLY EXCITED!

It’s Friday, most people are thinking about the picnic they’ll be having in the beautiful weather this weekend (supposedly in the mid-60s!!!).  We want to add to that good feeling with our continuation of the Butler County Community College Video Testimonial series.

A quick word about listening to Rick Michelini, IT Director for BC3.  Mr. Michelini knows his stuff when it comes to technology on a campus.  His is a comprehensive understanding of technology’s impact on a college campus.  We had such a good time with him when we were taping that we actually got 6 total videos.

We’ve already published one of those videos on the blog already.  We enjoy doing these with customers, especially customers like BC3 and Rick Michelini because not only do we get content to put up on the blog, but we also learn so much from their stories and experiences.

Here are two more videos about our work with Butler County Community College.

The first video is about the results of the Structured Cabling project we posted earlier this month.  (Important Note: If you’re in a similar position as Mr. Michelini, being an IT Director for a college campus, this is a perfect video for you if you’re primary concerns are results of a complex cabling project.) 

This second video is about our custom service level agreements we set up with customers.  Mr. Michelini describes how that’s helped him in the process of making an important decision that would affect his budget.

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