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BYOD Research: Communication Technology System Offering Employees a Choice


We have published a lot of BYOD research for you on Technology At Work! Mostly we touched on different strategies on how to prepare an organization for employees to bring their personal devices into the workplace.  Today, we have the next step in the BYOD Journey.

Check out this awesome video from Alcatel-Lucent:

Here’s some information directly from the Alcatel-Lucent Website about the benefits this technology system has for business communications today:

Your business communications – An asset, or an obstacle?

OpenTouch is a converged multimedia communication solution that creates a new conversation experience for your employees, customers and partners. It accelerates your business interactions and broadens collaboration over any communications media.

OpenTouch is the conversation solution that connects your employees with the right resource anywhere, anytime, on any device from a single platform.

Benefits include

  • Better collaboration: OpenTouch provides seamless multimedia collaborative conversation across devices.
  • Improved employee efficiency: Your employees can differentiate from competition through simplified and streamlined communications allowing them to move faster and be more productive, accessing to the relevant information and skill in a single real-time call.
  • BYOD Readiness: OpenTouch enables effective multimedia and multi-device communications in today’s BYOD Era of Smartphones and tablets.
  • Rapid Session Shift: OpenTouch provides a new user experience – seamless call transfer between any device or media.
  • Optimize business processes: OpenTouch collaboration and presence technology enhances collaboration, accelerates reachability, and simplifies communication across your organization.
  • Sustainable investment: OpenTouch openness enables to meet your employees communications needs and infrastructure today tomorrow.


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