Future Forecast: The Next 10 Years of Education Technology will be Fascinating

Today we found an interesting post forecasting the next decade in education technology.  The reasons stated below are well thought out and consider a multitude of relevant factors in play. Let us know what you think the forecast will look like in … Read More

LifeSize Infographic: 10 Surprising Facts about our Mobile World

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Have we ever mentioned how much we enjoy infographics?  They’re informative but also presented in a way that doesn’t remind you of being lectured. Today we have a pretty cool infographic that highlights ‘10 Surprising Facts About Our Increasingly Mobile World’ created and … Read More

Unified Communications: 2014 User Survey Results

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    Alcatel-Lucent, one of Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc. business partners, maintains a regularly updated blog with some insightful information. Today’s post is recap of a Unified Communications (UC) survey of over 1,000 ALU customers, taken directly from a post written by … Read More

Chuck Roberts, Vice President of DES Delivers Keynote Presentation for an International Audience!

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Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc. took our thought leadership to a whole new level just last week.  Our Vice President, Chuck Roberts was asked to give one of the Keynote Presentations for Alcatel-Lucent at their 3rd annual worldwide Partner event in Panama City! Presenting a keynote in … Read More

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