Intuitive Surveillance Systems

The best part about technology is its ability to make processes more efficient for the end-user (especially in an enterprise setting). What happens when the end-user has no idea how to operate the efficiency enabling technology? Maybe it’s too complex… Maybe it’s … Read More

Smart Security Systems Today

One of the obvious ways to ensure your workplace or your organization is secure, is to place surveillance cameras throughout the area.  But does that alone truly ensure your safety? Maybe. But like most things, security in today’s world is much more … Read More

Top 5 Video Conferencing Infrastructure Issues

Excellent post on our business partner LifeSize’s blog. It’s common to correlate technology hardware with the glitz and glamour of the awesome features it has to offer.  Video conferencing technology is no different.  In fact, video conferencing technology hardware seemingly always has continual … Read More

UVC Platform Administrator Interface–LifeSize Video

Very informative video about the UVC Platform Administrator from LifeSize.  The video is tailored for someone interested in the nuts and bolts of the UVC Platform. LifeSize does a great job with their social media output, developing and sharing awesome content. If … Read More

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