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Customer Testimonial: Butler County Community College

We always love listening to what are customers have to say about our work!

A few weeks back, we were lucky enough to sit down with Rick Michelini, Director of IT for BC3.  Other than being very acute as to the happenings with technology, Michelini has a deep understanding of the needs and concerns of students in an educational setting dealing with technology.

DES has been working with BC3 for several years.  In this video today, Michelini revisits a specific but rather unique structured cabling project we worked on for his campus a few years back.

Yes, the video is rather long in comparison to today’s standards of online video.  But if you watch the video in it’s entirety, we believe you’ll have a better understanding of how DES approaches their customers and also of how we approach our structured cabling/fiber cabling projects…With the customers needs and concerns in mind!

Thank you Mr. Michelini for the great testimonial!


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