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Explaining Ultra-Broadband to a 5th-Grader



Too often explanations for a complex technology like ultra-broadband are, wait for it, complex.  Sometimes we’re looking to simply understand how something works.  As complex or simple a technology may be, what matters to us most is how it will impact our lives.

Today we have exactly what you’re looking for! Our innovative business partners at Alcatel-Lucent know a lot about dealing with complex technologies.  They design and manufacturer them every single day.  But to explain such technologies in a simple, digestible manner is something special.  Alcatel-Lucent’s Michael Peeters, Wireless CTO, shares how he would explain Ultra-Broadband to his kids.

We’re sharing More information about Alcatel-Lucent’s ultra broadband here:

In the ultra-connected society, everyone expects fast, easy connections to everything, all the time, everywhere. And they want a rich, satisfying experience, whether it’s watching video entertainment from mobile devices, using cloud-based business applications or gaining access to health care from a remote village.

Alcatel-Lucent Ultra-Broadband provides exactly what you need for success in this dynamic, interconnected world. So you can make the most of its vast opportunities — and meet its challenges. It allows you to move faster to meet demand. It gets you closer to customers, so you can improve their experience. And it helps you be first to capture the opportunities of the cloud.

The ultra-connected society brings with it challenges of
great scale and complexity. It goes beyond billions of users connecting multiple devices. Single macro cells become multiple small cells. Mobile networks become extensions of fixed networks. Network traffic increases 100-fold. Open, converged networks replace closed networks. Billions of cloud services replace billions of app downloads. And the lowest cost per byte actually means the lowest cost per 100 bytes.

Alcatel-Lucent is ready to help you meet these new challenges with our Ultra-Broadband solutions. We provide lightning
fast, fixed and wireless broadband access, backed by our high-performance IP networking expertise. Our networks offer the best performance and efficiency. Enable the lowest cost and power per bit. And let customers connect seamlessly, from multiple devices, on any kind of network.

But our solutions go far beyond broadband access, because the ultra-connected society is driving a whole new way of using your networks — and doing business.

That’s why we also help you capture new opportunities, by extending our IP capabilities all the way from the access node to the cloud — where networks are software defined, network functions are virtualized, and you can partner with leading service creators. These capabilities give you the flexibility and agility you need to meet the ever-changing demands of the ultra-connected society. And they help you transform your own infrastructure to reduce costs, gain the efficiency and scale of the cloud, and move successfully into the future.

Here’s a little graphic from the Alcatel-Lucent website that helps you visualize the concept:



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