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Future-Ready Your Network Infrastructure…without Giving away an Arm and a Leg

Network Infrastructure Week

“IT and facilities managers make uncertain and costly long-term decisions about what kind of fiber and how much to install for the next 5 to 6 years, paralyzing the network by limiting change, consigning today’s capital for tomorrow’s unforeseen projects, and risking potential network obsolescence“.

Sound familiar?

There are many who consider the concept of future-proofing anything in the technology industry laughable.  Their beliefs are created through observing the rapid rates of change in consumer smartphones & tablets.  New devices are coming out every six months, and that’s only from the pinnacle manufacturers of the consumer devices industry.

We’re even seeing the big mobile carriers rolling out new contract agreements tailored around allowing purchases of new devices every 6-12 months.  That’s the way of future proofing in the consumer electronics world.  Just accepting the fact that there’s no control.

And because consumer devices are such an influential dynamic in our lives as consumers, it’s no wonder some laugh at the idea of future-proofing business technology.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be this way.  

Here’s a technology that could prepare you to be Future-Ready.

Air-Blown Fiber developed by our partners from Sumitomo Electric is no laughing matter.  This is some serious future-ready technology. Some of the most recognizable, well-trusted members of the business community are building their network infrastructures with this new technology.  They understood the value of a network infrastructure with a continuously renewable fiber lifecycle. That’s only one of the benefit.

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Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc. is in the business of leading IT Directors and Facility Managers to deliver the most strategic decisions for their organizations when they’re under intense pressure from every level to make all the technology in their location work seamlessly.

We hope you enjoy the video:


comprehensive look into this technology specifically could be found through this link.  But we also suggest you check here too for more information.  



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