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Losing WiFi Connection is Like Losing Oxygen

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Never Roll The Dice When it comes to oyur WiFi

WiFi connection is an important tool for most organizations.  It’s a crucial element that touches every aspect of an organization.  WiFi is expected to not only function, but to function seamlessly.  In many ways, you could equate an organization’s expectations for a seamless wireless connection to an individual’s expectation for a seamless ability to intake oxygen.

If you lose your WiFi connection, just as if you lose your oxygen intake, there’s an immediate sense of panic.

There’s Never a Good Time to Lose Wireless Connection

Some of you will probably relate to a situation like this:

There’s nothing more embarrassing than giving an important presentation in front of influential clients and being unable to get your video to play without it cutting in and out.  The same video you expected to seal the deal with the customer.

As you sit helplessly and wait for the ‘buffering’ sign to finally go away, you notice you’re losing your audience.  As you look around you see people checking their phones, doodling on their notepad, a couple of people trying to hide their yawns.  One minute turns into two.  But it feels like 2-hours.

You say to yourself, “I have to do something”.  But what could you do?  At that exact moment, there’s really nothing that could be done.

What You Could Do to Prevent This Situation?

One of our trusted business partners, Xirrus has been working on manufacturing products designed against this aforementioned situation.

They also put together this nifty infographic to explain the 5-Steps you could take to make you WiFi Network function optimally.

5 Steps to a Killer Wi-Fi Network

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