Unified Communications: 2014 User Survey Results

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    Alcatel-Lucent, one of Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc. business partners, maintains a regularly updated blog with some insightful information. Today’s post is recap of a Unified Communications (UC) survey of over 1,000 ALU customers, taken directly from a post written by … Read More

BYOD Research: Communication Technology System Offering Employees a Choice

We have published a lot of BYOD research for you on Technology At Work! Mostly we touched on different strategies on how to prepare an organization for employees to bring their personal devices into the workplace.  Today, we have the next step in the … Read More

What Has Bell Labs Been Working On in 2013?

Bell Labs is very innovative.  It has been for quite some time.  Bringing us innovation after innovation that impacts all sectors of our society.  Their research is, and has been, incredibly exciting.  2013 is no different for Bell Labs. Here’s some information about Bell … Read More

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