Here’s How Everything is Connected

Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc. has the motto, “Get Connected“. Panduit put together this highly digestible video explaining what it means to have everything connected.  

Today’s Modernized Fiber-Optic Cabling

ClearCurve® Rugged Drop, Tight-Buffered Cable by Corning Flexible, robust cable: Solves unique challenges associated with MDU deployments. Self-bend-limiting design: Can be directly stapled and routed around tight corners Outperforms typical copper cables (RG-6 Coaxial): Higher bandwidth, lighter weight, smaller OD and bend- radius Water-blocking technology: Allows efficient and … Read More

Fiber Optic Lines to Reach 400Gbps on a Global Scale

We found this article on engadget.   Here’s what Jon Fingas reported: It’s comparatively easy to run fiber optic lines at high speeds; it’s another matter to sustain that pace between continents. Alcatel-Lucent’s Bell Labs has found a way to go that extreme distance by relying … Read More

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