Security Cameras & Lenses: What You Need To Know

You’ve decided your organization is going to modernize its security capabilities with high-tech security cameras.  What decisions will you have to make next?  Often, deciding which lens to use for a particular location is one of the toughest, most misunderstood decisions you … Read More

You Decide: Analog vs. IP Video

Security & surveillance has made incredible advances in recent years with IP Camera and CCTV technologies.  But there are some out there who believe placing a single camera, even an analog camera, is enough to thwart any suspicious activity. My question to … Read More

Caught On Camera: How Security Cameras Can Aid Law Enforcement

The FBI produced this video back in 2010 about the impact Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), when used correctly, could have on an important investigation.   “Convenience stores, banks, mom and pop operations, gas stations—potentially tens of thousands of businesses could enhance their … Read More

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