Why is the Security Camera’s Image Not Clear?

A very common question for people who aren’t experts in security technology.  In today’s world, we’re inundated with information about our Security Camera’s zoom factors, pixelation, HD vs. SD, etc.. Also, we hold a high expectation for the quality of our security … Read More

New Tech: IP Based Access Control Systems

  IP Based Access Control Systems is a revolutionary technology from Axis Communications. Access Control Systems are really catching on in the Security technology market.  Organizations across every industry are seeing the value in Access Control systems.  Controlling access in an out … Read More

IP Surveillance Camera vs. Consumer Surveillance Camera: Picture Quality @ Night

You know the saying, ‘A picture says a thousand words’? Try this one on for size: ‘Lack of picture says a thousand words’! That’s exactly what we have here today.  This is a show, don’t tell presentation. Great video put together by … Read More

Security Tech Q & A: Analog Surveillance vs. IP Surveillance?

We have a really good team.  Vincent Pacella is a member of our good team.  Working as the Account Manager for Security Technology, Vince has established himself as a knowledgeable outlet for everything Security. We were able to sit down with Vince … Read More

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