Video Recap of Wednesday’s Event

We want to show you the Redwood Systems Demo Video that was shown during the Redwood Roadshow event on Wednesday.  We had a lot of fun.  Our audience left more knowledgeable, even we left more knowledgable. Overall it was a great event! … Read More

Building Performance Technology Excellence

We found something on The Business Wire we’re really excited about at DES! Redwood Systems, our Energy Management Technology Business Partner, was awarded the CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Business Services Engineers) Award for Excellence in Building Performance in 2013! Obviously Dagostino Electronic Services … Read More

LED Lighting: Once Futuristic, Considered More Mainstream Now

The lighting industry is fascinating to study. Fascinating may be too strong of an adjective for the entire industry. However, fascinating as an adjective, is perfect for the study of the recent developments in the lighting industry. The advent of LED (Light-Emmitting … Read More

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