Building Performance Technology Excellence

We found something on The Business Wire we’re really excited about at DES! Redwood Systems, our Energy Management Technology Business Partner, was awarded the CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Business Services Engineers) Award for Excellence in Building Performance in 2013! Obviously Dagostino Electronic Services … Read More

DES TechVibe Radio Appearance from September 15, 2012

Audrey Russo, CEO of Pittsburgh Technology Council, and Jonathan Kersting, PTC’s Director of Visibility Initiatives featured Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc. in one of their weekly segments in September.  We’ve been working more closely with the Council in recent months.  We have to … Read More

Pittsburgh Technology Council Multimedia Room–Video Testimonial Part 1

  Technology at Work! We’re asking our customers and our partners to tell us their experiences with using technology in their respective industries.  We call the series “Technology At Work!” Technology is a huge aspect of the workplace in today’s world.  Employees … Read More