What is Wireless Density?

One of our business partners, Xirrus, introduced this video on their YouTube page just recently. Wireless density is an interesting concept in today’s business environment.  With more and more employees owning more and more mobile devices, the inevitable network strain becomes paramount … Read More

“What is that Connection There For?”

TE Connectivity’s Rob Shaddock, Chief Technology Officer explains the thought process their company goes through to build their excellent products. It’s fascinating to listen to the thought process put into the formation of their product.  How many times have you looked out … Read More

Today’s Modernized Fiber-Optic Cabling

ClearCurve® Rugged Drop, Tight-Buffered Cable by Corning Flexible, robust cable: Solves unique challenges associated with MDU deployments. Self-bend-limiting design: Can be directly stapled and routed around tight corners Outperforms typical copper cables (RG-6 Coaxial): Higher bandwidth, lighter weight, smaller OD and bend- radius Water-blocking technology: Allows efficient and … Read More

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