Today’s Modernized Fiber-Optic Cabling

ClearCurve® Rugged Drop, Tight-Buffered Cable by Corning Flexible, robust cable: Solves unique challenges associated with MDU deployments. Self-bend-limiting design: Can be directly stapled and routed around tight corners Outperforms typical copper cables (RG-6 Coaxial): Higher bandwidth, lighter weight, smaller OD and bend- radius Water-blocking technology: Allows efficient and … Read More

WOW Factor: The 2013 Xirrus XR-520 Tour

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Landing page: Great new product here from Xirrus called the XR-520!  We found this information on the Xirrus Blog:  Hear what customers are saying: “Wi-Fi is very important to Washington Public Schools,” said Todd Moats, Network Administrator. “Xirrus has the broadest set of … Read More

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