Here’s How Everything is Connected

Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc. has the motto, “Get Connected“. Panduit put together this highly digestible video explaining what it means to have everything connected.  

Sustainability as a Business Imperative

Excellent video from Alcatel-Lucent. We found the video on the Alcatel-Lucent YouTube Page. Here’s a quick summary of Alcatel-Lucent’s approach to sustainability: Alcatel-Lucent is committed to making communications more sustainable, more affordable and more accessible as we pursue our business mission — realizing … Read More

Caught On Camera: How Security Cameras Can Aid Law Enforcement

The FBI produced this video back in 2010 about the impact Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), when used correctly, could have on an important investigation.   “Convenience stores, banks, mom and pop operations, gas stations—potentially tens of thousands of businesses could enhance their … Read More

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