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TRETC 2013 Event: What We Learned

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TRETC 2013 Graphics

TRETC 2013 (Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference) was an excellent event.  In fact, because of the success of last year’s event the Pittsburgh Technology Council was forced to change the location to a bigger venue for 2013.

This year had a different feel from years past.  It wasn’t only because there were more people.  Or that the event was held in a different venue.  This year’s participants, both the exhibitors and the audience, had a little bit more of a sense of urgency when it comes to educational technology. Before I get into this new ‘sense of urgency’ I want to make sure I clearly qualify that people weren’t running around like it was the ‘Running of the Bulls’.

This year’s event had an unspoken understanding regarding technology’s impact in school districts across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, both large and small.  Exhibitors seemed to have brought their A-games.  Participants were eagerly engaged; asking relevant questions about specific technologies and the potential applications into the class room.  We didn’t just speak with teachers, like in events past, but we were engaging with Directors of IT, Principals, and Superintendents.

What this showed to me was that technology has made a huge impact for school districts in the past couple of years.  From the administrators to the teachers in the classroom, technology has influenced their work with students.  Technology has opened up opportunities they never thought possible before.

It’s very exciting to see the amount of impact technology has been making with schools.  We believe technology represents a great opportunity today, and into the future. We’re eager to listen to your thoughts about the impacts of technology into schools.

Overall, we had a lot of fun engaging in thoughtful conversations with members of the various school districts at the event.  We sure learned a lot from their perspective.  And that’s what it’s all about when it’s all said and done.  That we, as a company, learn how technology impacts their workspace from the perspectives of our customers.  Those types of conversations with customers help us tremendously.

Here’s what the Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc., booth looked like yesterday:

Tretc 2013 Booth


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